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  2. Comme des Garçons SHIRT

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    Every word is true, Marit Dik


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    Salvador Dali ~ “The Ship”, 1934

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    Rembrandt Harmensz van Rijn, The Flight into Egypt (altered from Tobias and the Angel by Hercules Segers); Ruins of the Abbey of Rijnsburg, c.1652.

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    Avedon Experience by Cvtting Board Studio

    Photographer: Ishmil Waterman

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    Tony Tieu, Santa Cruz ad. 1997.

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  10. asylum-art:

    Surreal Paintings by Paco Pomet

    The art of Paco Pomet is highly iconoclastic. He possesses a wonderfully bizarre sense of humor that manifests itself in his oil paintings which contain a strange or humorous visual twist. His subverted landscapes and portraits often borrow from sepia-toned photographs that look like historical documents or vintage photos. There is a parallel to traditional Western Art, mixed with a monochrome effect that restates the documentary character of the original piece.

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  11. This is my girlfriend


  12. Goals

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    René Magritte, Le Pain Quotidien (Our Daily Bread), 1942.

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    saga sig by Saga on Flickr.

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    Colors Magazine

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